Assets of Community Value

Pubs across the country are under threat from a multitude of sources, from pub companies who charge tenants exorbitant rents to service their unmanageable debt levels, beer ties, excessive beer tax, VAT disparity on food compared to supermarkets and government planning guidance which allows their conversion to restaurants, betting shops and local supermarkets. Over the past few years, our area has seen a great number of pubs converted to local supermarkets, restaurants and residential dwellings that offer no social or cohesive value to our communities. Some villages like Ford, Medmenham and Widmer End have lost their community hubs recently.

Thankfully legislation has been put in place by the government that empowers communities to be able to protect and potentially take over institutions that further the social well-being or cultural interests of their community.

The Localism Act 2011 allows a Parish Council, a community interest group or a group of 21 people who are on the electoral register in the local planning authority area, to nominate a pub as a community asset. The District Council has an obligation to list a pub if it furthers the social well- being or interests of the local community, or has done so in the recent past, and that it is realistic to think it will do within the next five years.

If the pub is subsequently put up for sale, or if a change in planning use is applied for, a six week period is instigated where any entity from the local community can register an interest to buy the pub. Should an interest be registered, a further six-month moratorium period begins to enable the local community to raise funds in order to bid for the pub. At no point during these periods can the pub be sold or have its planning use changed. It is also worth pointing out that by listing the pub, or lately registering an interest to bid, no commitment is made by anyone to part with any money. However, by listing a pub as a community asset, a strong signal is sent out to predatory developers or supermarket chains, as well as local planning departments, that the local community will not give up on their pub without a fight. A developer is more likely to prey on an unprotected pub where the process of converting it to another use is unlikely to receive as much opposition.

Within our branch area we have achieved a reasonable level of success in getting pubs listed by local councils. So far, seven pubs have been successfully nominated by their communities and a further three are in the final days of the council’s decision period.

The pubs successfully nominated so far are; Garibaldi in Bourne End, Crown in Granborough, Hundred of Ashendon in Ashendon, Pilgrim in North Marston, White Swan in Whitchurch, Fox Inn in Tiddington and Bernard Arms in Great Kimble (despite its long closure).

Three of those pubs, the Garibaldi (the photo above shows the celebrations at the Garibaldi following the success of village buyout), the Pilgrim and the Crown are now successfully trading under local ownership.

The three pubs yet to have a final decision issued by the District Council are the Swan & Castle in Quainton, George & Dragon also in Quainton and Chandos Arms in Oakley. Nationally, over 300 pubs have now been listed as community assets.

All 86 Parish Councils within our branch area were sent a letter and guidance in May 2013 explaining the process of listing community assets. An offer of assistance from members of this CAMRA branch was contained within the letter.

This correspondence received a mixed response from Parish Councils. Community conscious parishes such as Great Kimble, Oakley and Wingrave took up our offer of assistance and proceeded, or are proceeding, to nominating pubs. Others such as Lane End and Thame did not appear to support their social hubs. Parishes such as Stewkley and Aston Abbots declared an interest in discussing protecting their pubs. However, regretfully, most Parish Councils did not respond at all. Some parishes such as Medmenham have been offered further assistance when their only community asset closed but was met with no response.

We would encourage everyone to contact their Parish Council to ask them to represent the local community’s concerns and nominate pubs within their boundaries. Alternatively, those that wish to fast-track an application without relying on their parish council should fill in the attached nomination form and gain the signature of 21 locally registered electors. We again offer CAMRA’s full assistance in terms of volunteers attending Parish Council or interest group meetings, informal discussions, reviewing the nomination form or anything else that will further pub protection.

Nominations must be sent to the Community Right to Bid Team of the pub’s local District Council. The address details are as follows:

  • For Aylesbury Vale DC: Community Right to Bid, Legal and Estates Services, Aylesbury Vale District Council, The Gateway, Gatehouse Road, Aylesbury, Bucks, HP19 8FF
  • For Wycombe DC: Community Right to Bid, Wycombe District Council, Queen Victoria Road, High Wycombe, Bucks, HP11 1BB
  • For South Oxfordshire DC: Assets of Community Value, Corporate Strategy, South Oxfordshire District Council, Benson Lane, Crowmarsh Gifford, Wallingford, OX10 8AX
  • For South Bucks DC: Community Right to Bid, Head of Environment, South Bucks District Council , Council Offices, Capswood, Oxford Road , Denham. UB9 4LH

You can download a nomination form here. Community Right to Bid Form